Hello! I'm Michael Allen Johansen. 
 I  love that UX Design allows my inner counselor, artist, & nerd to all get a say.  



Experiential Learning
Mobile Prototype

Site Re-Design

ABA Therapy Organization

Mobile/Web UX


Voice Design

Project TBD

Experience I'm bringing with me

A huge toolkit for building rapport—quickly.

Working as a crisis counselor means constantly developing new connections. I've seen the power of active listening and authentic empathy countless times. I deeply value representing the voices of all stakeholders

I get stoked about facilitating transformative brainstorms.

I have helped police-officers and teachers find the words for how to talk to suicidal students. I've also lead teen leaders through the process of identifying and addressing the root causes of issues in their community. 

I actively seek out feedback from my colleagues & clients.

The best solution is my highest priority—and it doesn't always come from me. I've seen how a belief that we should be excellent at everything can actually hinder individual development. Feedback is our friend!

Let's Work Together :)