WARNING: The design process is not as linear as it appears.
But as this is how you can find things in my portfolio, I’ll let it slide...


Using the user research analysis, I developed two teacher personas—Thom and Serena.

Afterwards, I realized that even though teachers and their organizations would be the app’s customers, their problems would only be solved if another user group (students) were satisfied.


After conducting four student interviews, I developed a third persona—Alonzo.

Thom was given Primary status because of his low level of tech literacy and frustration learning new tech. Designing for Thom specifically helps keep PopQuest usable for everyone just as a sidewalk ramp adequately serves people in wheelchairs and the ambultory.

User Journey Map 




With the primary tasks and persona goals in mind, I began to build a sitemap with two primary branches—one for facillitators (teachers) and one for participants (students).

The initial sitemap versions were instrumental in ensuring that the app was accurately reflecting the needs of the users.

Asset Sitemap v1.jpg

Sitemap V1

Sitemap Versions

As things progressed, it was helpful to streamline the sitemap into something much more digestible for easy reference while working on the prototype. In this new version the focus was shifted onto the tasks to be done rather than relative position in a hierarchy.

Sitemap V4

Sketch Wireframes


Exploring navigation options

At this stage of the project the application was a web-based application. As such, I wanted to avoid using a bottom tab bar because the web navigation of many mobile browsers would lead to navigation stacking which is not only unsightly, but increases the likelihood of errant tapping.

I explored using a Floating Action Button (FAB) for the two primary actions of Create New and Search but discarded this idea after realizing that Search would be buried underneath an unrelated icon (+).

Sketching helps me work out big picture issues without getting ‘pixel paralysis’.

FAB Sketch

Search icon is buried.

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