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UX Design is the perfect intersection of my curious mind, heart for people and creative spirit. As a product designer with crisis counseling experience, I have a fine-tuned sense of empathy and years of experience seeking out root issues and pragmatic solutions. I absolutely love brainstorming and concepting. Having worked on a number of cross-functional teams, I love changing altitudes throughout a project from high-level strategy into the nitty-gritty of high-fidelity mockups and design systems. I love getting to use so many different parts of my brain when designing but my ultimate satisfaction comes from creating experiences that deliver real value for people. 


Product Design  |  Product Discovery | User Surveys | User Interviews| Process Flows | Personas | Journey Mapping | Affinity Mapping | Concepting | Wireframing | Prototyping | User Testing | A/B Testing | Preference Testing | Analysis | Design Systems | Presentations | Typography | Cross-Cultural Communication | Accessibility | Conversational & VUI Design 


The best tools are the ones we can use together. I'm a quick study who has spent time "learning how to learn" so I can continue to adapt as needed. That being said, here are some of my current favorites:




Optimal Workshop


I'm a Product Designer with Trapeze Group building enterprise solutions for transportation agencies. Previously, I worked in freelance UX and Web Design. Before that, when design was just a side-hustle, I worked as a crisis counselor and program manager.  My diverse work experience has helped me amass a wide range of tools to help me better understand, connect with and problem solve for any possible persona.


I'm a new dad and it's the greatest! Family time is a major value of mine and I'm working hard in order to be present with my wife and son.


My 'tank' is recharged by a balance of individual activity, social connection and exploration—though few things are better than my wife and son smiling at me when I get home.


As a major podcast, ebook and Medium enthusiast, I love learning and letting my imagination run wild. I'd probably qualify as a typophile due to the way I obsessively dream of ways to improve the signs I see around town.


My favorite way to connect with friends is a dinner party full of laughter, banter and boardgames. It's also great when we can meet up to enjoy some live music or other creative gathering.


My surfboard, skateboard and mountain bike are all favorite tools for exploration but I also love impromptu walks where I can let my senses drift and absorb new stimuli.

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