I  love that UX Design allows my inner counselor, artist & nerd to all get a say.



Experiential Learning
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Therapy Organization

Alexa Skill 

VUI Recipe Prototype

“Alexa, tell Smoothie Bomb I want to make a smoothie”

Soft skills that translate to real value:

A huge toolkit for building rapport—quickly.

Establishing rapport is an underrated aspect of user research. My background in counseling augments my ability to quickly connect with a huge range of people. Building a foundation of safety and trust unlocks the path to priceless feedback, insights and ideas.

A ton of stoke for facilitating transformative brainstorms.

Seeing a group leave with actionable discoveries after arriving empty-handed is seriously one of my favorite things. I love broad-stroke concepting, iterating on blossoming solutions as well as combing through deep piles of research to find that breakthrough insight.

A desire to seek out feedback from my colleagues & clients.

The best solution is my highest priority—and it's ok if it doesn't originate with me! I value sharing process early and often. Feedback is my friend! I've learned I'm at my best when I'm surrounded by people willing to shoot straight about where my proposed solutions could improve.